How many people fall victim to phishing attacks?

According to a recently released report, based on a sample of 3 million users collected over a period of 3 months, approximately 45% of the time, users submitted their login information to the phishing site they visited. The study, exclusively monitored users who successfully reached a live phishing site that was not blocked by their browser’s built-in anti-phishing protection or filtered as fraudulent one (Phishing experiment sneaks through all anti-spam filters), and found out that on average, 12.5 out of one million customers sampled for a particular bank, visited the phishing site.

Scareware goes Green

Malicious pseudo-environmentalists have come up with a new social engineering tactic aiming to improve the profit margins of their fake antivirus software releases - by promising to donate $2 from every purchase for saving the Amazonian green forests.

The new scareware template branded as "Green-AV Premier Edition 3.0" is pitched as the "World's First Antivirus Which Cares About the Environment" and goes for a hefty price of $99.99, in comparison to other scareware brands whose price tags vary from $49 to $79.


Les utilisateurs de Twitter victimes d'une campagne de phishing

Après avoir dérobé des identifiants d'utilisateurs du service en ligne, des spammeurs s'en sont servi pour lancer une campagne de publicité par e-mail.
Selon les spécialistes de la sécurité de Sophos, les utilisateurs du service Twitter sont de plus en plus la cible de campagnes de phishing destinées à leurs subtiliser leurs données d'accès.


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