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Security software gets more parental controls

Internet security packages have evolved far beyond simple anti-virus programs, with tools that protect you and your family while you browse the web, chat with friends and family and access social networking sites. This year's crop also has a fairly robust set of parental controls built-in that help you decide what your kids can view and when they can view it.

Mobile Banking Likely To Open New Fraud Frontiers, Study Suggests

Fraud has not yet become common through mobile-banking channels, but experts warn that cyber criminals likely have mobile banking and mobile payments on their radar...In a survey of 24 global risk executives from financial institutions or payment processors conducted in November 2011, Aite examined emerging risks surrounding mobile banking and mobile payments. “Mobile Fraud: The Next Frontier” is the third of five parts of a cybercrime report Aite will release through early 2012. Respondents represented 10 different countries on five continents.

Senior 'Surfers' Vulnerable to Internet Scams

We're forever warning teenagers to be careful online -- don't reveal personal information to strangers, avoid scams, report bullying behavior. It turns out the same advice may be appropriate for grandma and grandpa, as well. Seniors are the fastest-growing segment of new Internet users, as they've discovered email, online shopping and banking, social networking, travel planning and other online conveniences.

Study: Computer Security Not Nearly as Good as Some Users Think

Computer security isn't something that average consumers think a lot about. Many people think that they are visiting friendly sites and that these sites pose no risk. The reality according to a new study is that many people are using very bad behavior in protecting computers at home and in the office.

Organizations Need to do Better Job of Educating Consumers

Major data breaches in 2011 are a strong reminder that consumer data is a persistent target of hackers. Banking institutions cannot ignore the trends, since maintaining strong relationships with customers and members is key to their survival, says Linda Foley, co-founder of the non-profit Identity Theft Resource Center.

What should I teach my children about downloading music?

When it comes to downloading music, it is important to teach your children about safe, and legal, downloading practices. Here are some great tips to share with your children:

1- Teach them the word “copyright.” Downloading and/or sharing music that is copyrighted without the consent of the copyright owner is illegal. Alert your children that the federal government takes illegal download of media very seriously, and criminal penalties have been as much as five years and prison and/or $250,000 in fines.


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