Identity theft

Spies Among Us

The term “spy” conjures ideas about “foreign operatives,” “moles” and James Bond. You might envision forged IDs, fake passports and fraudulently issued government sponsored papers. When spies were recently exposed and caught in the United States, it was kind of surreal for me, since some of them lived right here in Boston.


Replacing Stolen Passports and Credit Cards

Travel season is upon us. Summertime is all about exploring new and exciting places. It’s the season of planes, trains, automobiles and…criminals. When you are out of your element and unsure of your surroundings, you are at a higher degree of risk. Travelers need to be on high alert for property crimes and identity theft. Years ago, before my wife was my wife, she was traveling in Spain. She got off the plane, headed for the rental car terminal, rented her car, and drove off the lot.

Top Internet Threats

The latest State of the Internet 2009 report issued today by CA states that the most notable 2009 online threats were rogue/fake security software, major search engines, social networks and Web 2.0 threats.

Can “Look-alikes” use e-passports?

The e-passport contains a high resolution facial image, as mentioned before, which can be displayed on the border officials screen in a much larger size. This definitely aids in the detection of "look-alikes". If a facial recognition system is used, there is probably even more chance of the criminal being detected.


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