Identity theft

How to prevent your cellphone from getting hacked In a recent Sunday column, we talked about how to protect yourself against online I.D. theft.

Several readers emailed us, asking for more details on how to protect their mobile phones. They're wise to ask: Most people don't even realize their mobile phones can be just as vulnerable as their home computer, said Robert Siciliano, online computer security expert with McAfee. "There are thousands of viruses targeting mobile phones and millions targeting PCs," he noted in an email.

Child identity theft rising quickly, report says

According to an identity protection company based in Austin, Texas, child identity theft is on the rise and moving fast. Very fast.

AllClear ID released its 2012 Child Identity Theft Report, which showed that a disturbing 10.7 percent of the children in the study were victims of ID theft -- 35 times higher than adults.

Tax Fraud: Thieves Steal Tax Refunds From The Dead Using Identity Theft

A number of families are losing not only their loved ones, but also their loved ones' tax refunds.

Identity thieves have stolen the tax refunds of more than 490,000 dead people since 2008, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. The thieves typically claim that a dead person is their dependent when they file taxes.

Holiday shoppers need to be wary of cyber fraudsters to avoid identity theft

Tis the season for cyber scamsters to try to steal your identity.

Droves of shoppers are purchasing online this holiday season: The average consumer plans to do as much as 36% of his or her holiday shopping online, up from 32.7% last year, according to the National Retail Federation.

You Have Exactly Three Passwords, Don't You?

Software architect and Microsoft MVP Troy Hunt performed an independent data analysis of the leaked passwords from the Sony hacks and compared it with another data set that was made available after Gawker's commenting database was hacked in December 2010.  One of the most shocking things he found (although it's not shocking if you are a password reuser yourself) is that 88 people had both a Gawker and Sony account with the same email address, and 67 percent of them used the same password. It's a small sample size, but an interesting figure nonetheless.

4 Reasons 2011 is the Year to Get Serious About Security

Prognosticators are silly. Or that’s how I’ve always viewed them, anyway. They combine past experience with their perspective on current trends to make predictions and pretend to be smarter than you.

Many prognosticators in the financial world have failed miserably, and we’re all paying the price now. Their current excuse is “irrational exuberance.”


Cool Tools To Access Files Remotely

Whether you’re a road warrior or simply own multiple PCs and want access to all your data from anywhere, here are a few easy ways to do it, and one not so easy option.

All of these options are secure, as long as you don’t leave a remote PC logged into your account, or log in from a PC that is already infected with spyware or a virus. I only log in from trusted PCs like my own laptop.



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