Meet Facebook's Mr. Nice

Of Facebook’s 7,185 employees, Arturo Bejar may have the most difficult job. Mr. Bejar has a much more inscrutable task: teaching the site’s 1.3 billion users, especially its tens of millions of teenagers, how to be nice and respectful to one another.


7 Tips On Protecting Your Password, From Facebook Chief Security Officer Joe Sullivan

Coinciding with National Cyber Security Awareness Week inAustralia this week, Facebook Chief Security Officer Joe Sullivanpublished a note on the Facebook Security page urging users to take steps to protect their passwords for the social network, and offering seven tips on how to do so.

Facebook Hooks Up With Attorneys General for Teen Profile Privacy Awareness

Obvious statement of the day: Figuring out your Facebook profile privacy controls is hard. So hard, in fact, that the social network has had the FTC on its back for years about it. Hence this morning’s announcement. Facebook will work with the National Association of Attorneys General to promote privacy awareness and general tips for teenagers on how to use the social network’s page settings.

Facebook Adds Emoticon Option To Status Updates

Eating something? Drinking something? Watching something? Facebook wants you to tell your friends about it by way of a new emoticon feature available through the status update box. The new tool, which rolled out to some earlier this week, lets users to select different kinds of emoticons to express exactly what it is they're doing or how they're feeling.

How can I increase my security when logging in to Facebook?

An advanced Facebook security option, “login approvals,” uses one-time password (OTP) codes to verifying your identity when logging in to your account. If you turn this feature on in your Security Settings page (> Account Settings > Security), you'll be asked to enter a special OTP login code each time you try to access your Facebook account from a new computer or mobile phone. This can help prevent a hacker from hijacking your account.


How does Facebook use OTPs for security?

Facebook is a good example of how to use mobile devices to enhance online security. If you have associated your mobile phone with your account, you can text 32665 with the message “otp” and Facebook will text back a one-time special code you can use to login to your account. You can also use the Facebook mobile app “Code Generator” to create OTP codes.



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