Can I get a new passport without a chip?

Once a country starts to issue electronic passports, you cannot get one without a chip. The move to electronic passports is worldwide, driven by the realization that paper-based passports can be too easily altered and falsified. There are international agreements in place and more than 50 countries around the world are issuing them. Some of these countries are Australia, Belgium, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Spain, the UK and the United States.


Do I have an epassport?

The way to know for sure if you have an electronic passport is to look for the international logo (below) printed on the cover. More than 50 countries around the world are issuing electronic passports. The electronic security features inside are designed to prevent anyone but you from successfully using that passport. If stolen, your passport picture could be replaced by a fraudulent one on the printed data page, but the digital copy of your picture on the chip cannot be changed without detection. More than 50 countries are now issuing epassports, including



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