How to manage a deceased person’s profile on social media

If a loved one or friend sadly passes away, and you’re trusted to manage the deceased’s online affairs, you may wish to consider whether you’d like their social media profiles to remain viewable – and, if so, how they should be displayed. Most of the well-known social networks, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, … Continued

How do I clean up my Facebook presence?

Ever get the feeling that your Facebook profile is, well, just a little bit messy? Perhaps your news feed is filled with information that doesn’t interest you, or maybe you’re getting lots of notifications for items that have little relevance to your interests or activities. Here’s a quick guide to cleaning up your Facebook presence. … Continued

How to rotate a video

Sometimes when we shoot a video on our smartphones or cameras, we find that when we watch it back, it is on its side, or even upside down. Unlike a photo, you can’t simply rotate it easily. This is because a video is essentially 24 photos for every second you shoot. So to turn the … Continued

How is tech used in sport?

There’s an emerging new superstar in sport, and its name is Technology. Thanks to forward-thinking policy-making, we’re seeing more and more sports turn to tech to enhance matches, protect players and eliminate refereeing errors. If you’re wondering which innovations are proving the most popular, read on for a handy guide. Hawk-Eye Cricket, tennis and football … Continued

How do I share articles on social media?

One of the best aspects of social media is the ability to share important, engaging or humorous news content with your friends. Sharing news stories and features can also enhance people’s engagement with your profile, which is crucial if you’re keen to maximise your impact on social media platforms, a particularly important part of Twitter. … Continued

The five best voice commands for Cortana and Siri

Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana are a bit like virtual personal assistants. They’re able to help you manage your phone, diary and even answer questions for you. Best of all, you can instruct them with your voice! They work using Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Text to Speech (TTS). There are a number of questions … Continued

What is Vine and how do I use it?

Ever wanted to share a video clip with your friends – and do so in a creative way? Vine is the downloadable mobile app which allows you to do just that. It’s a video blogging service where you can share six-second video clips with your friends or followers, either through Vine’s own platform, or on … Continued

What are Facebook Reactions, and how do I get them?

You may have noticed a few new icons appearing in your Facebook newsfeed over the last few weeks. These new icons, appearing alongside ‘Likes’ under your friends’ posts, are known as Facebook Reactions. Facebook Reactions allow you to acknowledge or respond to a friend’s post in a way that expresses a more specific emotion than … Continued

How can I tell if someone’s read my instant message?

You’ve sent an important message and you want to know whether the other person’s seen it. Are they ignoring you, or are they simply too busy to check their phone? Fortunately, there are a few messaging apps which will tell you whether your recipient has seen your text. Check out our handy guide on iMessage, … Continued