How do I protect my Netflix account?

Netflix has revolutionized the way we watch television and films. The on-demand internet streaming service boasts a remarkable 57.4 million users, and has just announced it’s expanding into virtually every country in the world. But like any service that stores personal data or payment details, the service does have its risks. In 2015, digital security … Continued

Do I need to change my Wi-Fi password?

Wireless routers allow their owners (called administrators) to manage the Wi-Fi network through special login details. Anyone who knows the username and password can log into the router, which immediately grants complete access to the device’s features, as well as information about any devices connected. Manufacturers often set up new routers with the same default … Continued

Are public Wi-Fi hotspots safe to use?

As more and more of our digital lives are carried out on mobile devices, tablets and laptops, using public Wi-Fi hotspots has become more common. Whether in an airport lounge, coffee shop or simply in town centres, Wi-Fi hotspots are popping up everywhere – but there are important security considerations that you should be aware … Continued

Are smart locks safe?

Smart locks are slowly coming onto the market, and can be increasingly spotted in DIY stores and seen in adverts. But many are wondering if they are safe, as they have heard that they can be hacked, or are more vulnerable than traditional keys. There are various types of smart locks. Biometric locks use your … Continued

What services are safe to use on a public Wi-Fi network?

Public Wi-Fi hotspots have their attractions. Who doesn’t enjoy surfing the net whilst sitting in a coffee shop or a public library? However, there are reasons you should be careful about your online activity. If you don’t take precautions, using a public network could expose you and your data to prying eyes or unwanted security … Continued

How do I keep confidential data safe when I’m travelling?

The modern working world means that people need access to confidential information on their laptops and tablets whilst travelling. Unfortunately, handling sensitive data in public places does carry risks, especially if precautions aren’t taken. Failing to protect yourself could leave you vulnerable to snooping passengers or viruses. To help keep your data confidential while you’re … Continued

What is malvertising and how can I protect myself?

Malvertising is the combination of the words ‘malware’ (itself a blend of malicious and software) and ‘advertising’. It is a very sneaky attack whereby criminals have taken control of the adverts that you see when you browse online. The danger comes as most websites allow others to run their advertising for them, and if a … Continued

How to steer clear of email whaling scams

Email scams aren’t restricted to personal email accounts, as U.S. tech company, Ubiquiti Networks, discovered in October 2015. Cyber-thieves stole millions of pounds through an email scam known as ‘whaling’ – when criminals target one large corporation with a massive cyber-attack. It’s different from ‘phishing’, which involves emails sent out en masse to individuals and … Continued

How to block adverts on Chrome, Safari, iPhone and Firefox

Online adverts aim to be helpful, but can be a nuisance. They follow us around the web, advertising something they think we want because we searched for it once. If they prove irrelevant, they can grow tiresome. Lately, these types of adverts have been used to propagate a security threat called malvertising. This is when … Continued

How to prevent yourself from being a victim of banking cybercrime

With the news that cyber attackers used malware to steal millions from bank accounts across the world, banking security is more important than ever. According to the UK National Crime Agency, a recent spate of attacks is estimated to have caused $100 million worth of losses globally. The attackers used a malware known as Dridex, … Continued