How to block adverts on Chrome, Safari, iPhone and Firefox

Online adverts aim to be helpful, but can be a nuisance. They follow us around the web, advertising something they think we want because we searched for it once. If they prove irrelevant, they can grow tiresome. Lately, these types of adverts have been used to propagate a security threat called malvertising. This is when … Continued

Top tips on making your smartphone battery last longer

We all know the feeling when you look down on your mobile phone and there’s hardly any charge left. To say it’s frustrating is an understatement. Believe it or not, certain activities drain your battery quicker than others. In October 2015, it was reported that Facebook’s iPhone app was not sleeping properly when users returned … Continued

What are Meerkat and Periscope?

We’re living in the middle of a live streaming revolution. Thanks to apps like Periscope and Meerkat, everybody’s becoming a live broadcaster. All you need is a camera and access to the internet, whilst your viewers can enjoy the show from their iOS or Android apps. Concerts, sporting events and even political debates are now … Continued

Seven tips on how your business can protect its sensitive digital information

Christine Marciano Poste: President of Cyber Data Risk Managers, an Independent Insurance Agency specializing in Data Privacy, Cyber Liability risk, D&O insurance and (IP) Intellectual Property protection. It’s no longer a matter of if a data breach will happen, or who it will happen to as it can happen to any small, midsize or large … Continued

Which mobile OS is most secure?

Most people understand that PCs are vulnerable to viruses, but many don’t realise that smartphones are also potentially at risk. As our mobiles now store our email, photos, banking details and other important information, it’s good to know which mobile operating system is the safest.   It is generally accepted that BlackBerry has the safest … Continued

Which music streaming services is best for me?

There are so many music streaming services available, it can be hard to know which one to choose. We’ve taken a look at the most popular services to help you decide which is best for you.   The top contenders   Spotify Currently the most popular service, especially for its playlists feature that can be … Continued

Is Apple Pay safe and secure?

In 2015 Apple Pay will be released outside the United States, giving millions more people the chance to pay for things directly from their iPhone. Many of these have only one question about Apple Pay; is it safe? And is it as secure as normal cards?   Apple Pay works by taking your real card … Continued

What are the key dates in the Visa roadmap to EMV in the U.S.?

These are Visa’s key dates for EMV in the U.S.:  April 1, 2013 – Payment acquirer processors were required to be ready to support chip transactions in their systems  October 1, 2015 — Counterfeit card liability shift. By this date, anyone that invested in EMV technology and is fully deployed will be protected from financial … Continued

What are the key dates in the American Express roadmap to EMV in the U.S.?

These are the American Express key dates for EMV in the U.S.: April 1, 2013 – Payment acquirer processors were required to be ready to support chip transactions in their systems  October 1, 2015 – Fraud liability shift. Amex’s policy will transfer liability for certain types of fraudulent transactions away from the party that has … Continued

How does Gmail use OTPs for security?

Gmail offers its 425 million plus active users worldwide the ability to strengthen the security of their accounts through “2-step verification” with one-time passwords (OTPs). According to Gmail, “It’s an extra step, but it’s one that significantly improves the security of your Google Account because it requires the powerful combination of both something you know—your … Continued