Why should I protect my mobile phone with password?

If you don't protect your mobile phone with a password, you're not alone; but, you better change your habits. According to a 2012 U.S. Identity Fraud report by Javelin Research, 62% of mobile phone owners do not set a password for their phone, despite the fact that everyone from your bank and phone companies to the FBI recommend it.

Beyond the unauthorized and potentially expensive unauthorized use of your phone if it is lost or stolen, the biggest risk is that anyone who finds it could steal photos or other personal information. Especially dangerous is the loss of passwords stored on your phone, something done by one out of three phone owners according to the Javelin Research study. An unprotected phone can also be abused by a “friend” or co-worker who might find your phone unattended and snoop through it to find embarrassing personal photos they send to themselves or even information to compromise your identity. Research shows that of those victims who eventually figure out how their identity was stolen, 9% knew the thief personally.

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