What do I need to know about Nintendo Wii security and parental controls?

The Nintendo Wii offers parental controls for individual video game playing. You may choose the 'highest rated video game' you want your children to play. The ratings are based on those of the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) and include Early Childhood through Mature-rated games. The default setting allows all to be played. You can learn more about the ESRB ratings from: How can I tell which video games are age appropriate for my children? When connected to the Internet, children can be restricted from:

  • - Use of the Web browser (if it has been downloaded)
  • - Use of Wii Points
  • - Access to news
  • - Sending and receiving messages
  • - Exchanging user generated content

To learn more about Nintendo Wii Parental Controls, visit:

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