What is a good way to get involved with my child’s online life?

If you allow your children to surf the web and want to get involved, it is advisable to keep your PC in a public area of your home where you can monitor your children’s activity, and set time constraints for usage.

To get more involved, find kid-friendly sites and visit them with your children, instead of letting them browse alone. Start when they’re young to introduce them to kid-friendly sites you find valuable.

For example, Linkopedia lets you choose from among dozens of categories like learning, games and activities, coloring, crafts, songs and animal sites. is a guide to the best children’s site the Internet has to offer, while Digital Trends details its top picks for kids’ sites at At Whyville, one of Digital Trends picks, a child can create a cartoon character and play a game in the cafeteria that teaches good nutrition. If the character eats fattening, high-calorie foods, the child will see the effects as the character becomes overweight and unhealthy and may be advised to see the Whyville nutritionist.

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