If I’m using a guest PC on a cruise ship, how can I keep my passwords safe?

If you're using a guest PC on a cruise ship, an Internet café or any other trusted but public PC, take extra care with your login and password information. If possible, organize before you leave to use one-time passwords, smart cards or USB tokens for your digital security. Once onboard, make sure the PC has an active and up-to-date anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall checker. Look for the icon from a company you know such as McAfee or Symantec, or have the attendant show you the anti-virus status page, and make sure there are no alert flags such as a red X or exclamation mark.

A big concern is that a keyboard logger, a spyware program designed to steal login information by monitoring keystrokes, might be installed on the PC. One way to protect yourself against keyloggers on Microsoft Windows PCs is to enter your login information using the On Screen Keyboard. That will confuse most keyboard logging software. Find it using the Windows start button and entering “On Screen Keyboard" in the program finder. Or open WordPad, type the alphabet and drag individual letters one at a time into your login box. The key is both of these measures eliminate the need to type your passwords on a public PC. Be sure to clear the "Remember My Passwords" check box if it appears and when you're done with your session, clear your browsing history at Internet Explorer/Tools/Internet Options/Delete Browsing History.
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