How can I track my lost or stolen phone ?

There are now many apps that can help you find your phone if it is lost or stolen. Some apps are free, like the Prey Project for Android devices, which lets let you remotely lock it, recover your contacts, erase personal information and even take a picture, maybe of the thief! Wireless phone companies also offer similar services for a fee, like Verizon’s Mobile Recovery service, which is part of their insurance protection plan.

Fans of the iPhone can get Apple’s Find My iPhone app, which like many other apps shows your phone’s location on a map. The Find My iPhone app also allows you to remotely wipe it, as well as add or change the screen lock passcode. You can also set the phone to play an alarm and display a message so that the phone could be returned to you if found.

Of course, all of these apps have to be installed before you lose your phone. And the phone has to be on, have power and be able to connect to the phone network for the apps to work.

To be safe, T-Mobile also recommends you reduce the risk of unauthorized calls or stolen personal information by locking your phone and your SIM with a PIN code.

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