" ATM 'skimming' threat grows as economy worsens"

04/24/2009 - 15:55
Privacy experts, banks and others are warning consumers about another threat to their personal financial information: electronic "skimming" devices that record credit-card and debit-card numbers at ATMs, gas pumps or vending machines.

Using tiny technology disguised as part of the machine, the thieves then press new cards with customers' numbers and run amok, to the dismay of cardholders such as Kristin R. Kyriakos, 29, of South Baltimore, who returned from vacation Monday to find numerous bank overdraft notices in her mailbox.

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07.15.2013 | bluluk wrote:

What you seek does not exist. The lenders make huge ptorifs on Cash Advances. If you went to a bank for a cash advance you would fill out 15 pages of paperwork and wait 2 days. With a credit card, you just get $500 like magic. No paperwork or waiting. The credit companies even send you checks so you can get money faster. But you have to pay a lot for the ease of getting money with no questions asked.

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