Is tagging photos safe on social media?

Most of the time tagging photos on social media is safe, but you should be aware there are risks. One type of tagging is adding names or categories to help you organize your pictures and let your friends find them. There is also geotagging, which automatically adds the location where a picture was taken from the phone, the same way your phone helps you with maps, directions and finding nearby businesses. The risk is that uploading that tagged picture to a social media site for your friends may make it quite easy for an unwanted admirer to find where you live, a burglar to see that you are on vacation in Italy or for some stranger to locate your child’s pre-school, as reported in this NBC News segment.

If you are concerned someone could learn your location and daily routine through your tagged photos, consider turning off geotagging for your mobile phone or digital camera, usually found under camera settings. Or turn off GPS and location-based services completely under General Settings, but remember that you might have to turn them back on temporarily for other things you use, like real-time directions and mapping.

You also need to manage your privacy settings on social media sites to better control who can see or search your photos, as we explain in Does photo tagging create any risks?


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