Does antivirus software exist for Android phones?

Antivirus software is available for all mobile devices, including devices with the Android operating system. If you own a device with the Android operating system, we urge you to install antivirus software, because Android devices are the most susceptible to viruses and malware when compared to other operating systems. Lookout Mobile Security recently published its mobile threat predictions for 2013, anticipating that 18 million Android users will encounter mobile malware by the end of 2013.

When choosing antivirus software for your Android device, do your research. Many of them have virus detection rates and will not help you avoid malware and viruses. To help, Lifehacker recently rounded up the best and the worst from a study done by AV-Test.

You can find it here:

Besides antivirus software, find other practices for securing your Android device by reading the tip, “How do I secure my Android phone?

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