Will my magnetic stripe credit card work in other countries?

It depends on the country. The United States accepts magnetic stripe cards everywhere. If you have a magnetic stripe card and want to use it in countries implementing EMV, or smart chip-based credit cards, there are often places you can. Most of the places that still accept magnetic stripe cards are those where you physically present you card to a sales clerk, like in a restaurant or store.

However, if you are paying somewhere where there is no sales clerk, like at a gas pump or parking meter, many machines only accept EMV smart chip cards.


Transit card

A smart transit fare payment card is one based on contactless smart card technology. It replaces the magnetic stripe found on traditional paper tickets to keep track of the fare value and other information stored your card.

Contactless Technology


Using Google to find your friends

Ever sit at a cafe waiting for a friend to show up, and wonder where or where could they be? Google has a solution.

On Wednesday, Google introduces Latitude, a tool to track your friends' locales, via the Web and smartphones, such as Blackberry, Google Android, Windows Mobile and Nokia. It doesn't work with the iPhone yet, but that's coming soon, says Google product manager Steve Lee.

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