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Are any countries using NFC-capable mobile devices for identity applications?

Some government initiatives are looking at putting identity information within the secure element (SE) of NFC-capable devices. Because the SE is so trusted, it is very feasible to store driver’s licenses, government and healthcare identity cards right within the mobile device.


How do I use a smart card to protect me online?

You lock your house. You lock your car. You should lock your online identity too, and not just with something as easily compromised as a password. Smart cards are a very effective way to protect you online with what security experts call two-factor authentication. To use it, insert your smart card in a reader and enter a PIN code to prove it is you. The card then uses very secure digital certificates and cryptographic methods to verify you are at the correct website and prove it is you.


Rwanda: New Smart Card to Include Traffic and Immigration Data,

As part of the continuous process of introducing the national smart card, two institutions have already agreed to integrate their data under one system.

The Coordinator of the National ID (NID) Project, Pascal Nyamurinda, said in an interview with The New Times that the proposed card would incorporate data of an individual's driver's license as well as that of travel documents.


Oyster card style payments in pubs

Compufix, whose customers include Orchid Group, Fullers, Barracuda and JW Lees, is to launch the first contactless mobile handheld payment terminal in the pub trade this month.

The system allows customers with contactless technology cards to quickly make payments for all transactions under £10 and there is no minimum limit.

All major banks are now issuing contactless technology cards. Barclays said it will issue a further 6m in the coming months.


What information is stored on a Smart Health Card?

Although the e-healthcare smart card stores different information in each country, there are many commonalities. Most include personal identification information, so you do not have to repetitively fill out forms. They also contain your social or private healthcare benefits, and can be PIN protected so you have control over who can access your health information.


Mobile Contactless Payment

Mobile contactless payment usually refers to a new technology that is being tested that puts a software version of your credit card in your mobile phone and allows you to pay for things with it. These payment transactions are called "contactless" payments because they require no physical connection between the cell phone and the checkout payment terminal.

What is a smart health card?

A smart health card uses technology that securely stores your personal health information.

A microprocessor chip is embedded into the card, making it a "smart" card. The security features inherent in smart card technology reduce or eliminate fraud, including medical identity theft. Some of the countries that are involved in initiatives utilizing smart health cards are Algeria, Austria, Australia, Belgium, France, Hungary, Italy Mexico, Slovenia, Spain, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom .



Does the smart health card work like a prescription card?

Smart cards offers security features that a traditional patient ID, health insurance card or prescription card do not.  The security features inherent in smart card technology can reduce or eliminate fraud, including medical identity theft.   Smart cards offer two-factor authentication—something you have (your card) and something you know (your PIN to access the card).  The microprocessor chip incorporated into the card makes it a “smart” card enabling the secure storage of your personal health information.  Your information can be stored directly on the chip or it can be used to ef

Does the smart health card contain all my medical information?

While a smart card, a card that contains a small microprocessor chip (like a mini-computer), typically does not contain all of one's medical information, it often stores basic information such as your birth date, gender, blood type, allergies, current prescriptions and an emergency contact. Having this basic information on the card could save your life in an emergency. In addition, its security features ensure that your information is protected.


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