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Romania’s online banking usage triples in three years

The percentage of online banking users in Romania went up from 2% to 6% in the last three years, according to a research made for Erste Group and BCR. The percentages apply to the Romanian population over the age of 15, which uses banking services, which is estimated at about 9.5 million people (56% of the active population), according to most recent available data.


51% of U.S. Adults Bank Online

Fifty-one percent of U.S. adults, or 61% of internet users, bank online. Thirty-two percent of U.S. adults, or 35% of cell phone owners, bank using their mobile phones.

Both types of digital banking are on the rise. In 2010, 46% of U.S. adults, or 58% of internet users, said they bank online. In 2011, 18% of cell phone owners said they have used their phone to check their balance or transact business with a bank.


Top Five Tips for Mobile Banking

In our tech-savvy world, everything is readily accessible and convenient…even banking. Gone are the days of waiting in line at the bank or even waiting for your computer to boot up. Now you can access your bank account from anywhere in the world via your smart phone or tablet.

10 Tips to Secure Online Banking

Online banking or mobile banking reduces expenses by allowing customers to review transactions, transfer funds, pay bills and check balances without having to walk into a bank branch or make phone calls to a bank’s customer service call center. Mobile banking, m-banking or SMS banking refers to online banking that occurs via mobile phone or smartphone rather than with a PC.

You Voted: The Best Online Banks of 2013

Some people wouldn’t dare put their money in online banks. For them, this type of banking extends way beyond their comfort level, lacking tellers and access to physical bank branches. However, while some people may have serious reservations with regards to opening a checking or savings account with an online bank, there are clear benefits of online banking.

Bank security: Robbers down the line

New US guidelines directing all banks to increase security came into effect this week, designed especially to help protect commercial accounts. But as 2011 drew to a close they had not yet fully sunk in or convinced banks to raise the bar against criminals as needed, regulators warn.

Online banking evolves

Online banking is set to take a step forward as banks start implementing customised portals based on users' individual needs.Online and cellphone banking are growth areas in SA. In March, Absa, First National Bank and Standard Bank all indicated that mobile and Internet banking were growing in leaps and bounds.


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