5 Essential Steps for Keeping Your Computer Safe

Computers house so much of our personal data that it’s essential to set up protective measures in case of cyber attack or mechanical failure. These five must-do steps dramatically increase the odds your computer (and your privacy) will remain safe from the latest online criminal activity and let you salvage your most important files if your computer becomes irretrievably infected.

Smartphone Anti-Theft Database: What's Enterprise Impact?

When it comes to data theft in the BYOD age, malware is a concern but the most prominent threats involve lost or stolen devices. To discourage would-be thieves, major U.S. phone carriers -- notably T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint and Verizon -- have activated a database to track missing mobile phones and block them from being used.

IE9 é o navegador mais seguro contra malware, diz pesquisa

Browser da Microsoft bloqueou mais de 90% das pragas em testes; rivais Chrome, Firefox e Safari ficaram muito atrás, com apenas 13%.O Internet Explorer 9 fornece o melhor bloqueio contra malware entre navegadores estáveis, segundo pesquisa recente do NSS Labs, conforme publicado pelo site especializado Ars Technica.


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