3G phones

Does downloading data to a latest generation mobile phone increase the chances of being hacked?

A mobile phone is like a PC: if you receive emails or install software downloaded from the internet without an effective system of protection, then you run a greater risk of being hacked than if you do nothing.
However, since so many less people use mobile phones for this purpose, viruses are no where near as rampant as on PC's. Naturally, though, the mobile phone industry (operators, mobile phone makers and SIM card producers) are working on improving security systems; for example, there are now antivirus systems available.

Is my mobile phone more secure than my PC when I connect to the internet?

To date, mobile phones have not seen large-scale attack by viruses. However, a growing number of phones, or smartphones, have a software structure similar to that of PCs. They are connected to the internet, can receive third-party applications and emails and can execute web pages, including those running programmes.

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