How do I protect my Netflix account?

Netflix has revolutionised the way we watch television and films. The on-demand internet streaming service boasts a remarkable 57.4 million users, and has just announced it’s expanding into virtually every country in the world. But like any service that stores personal data or payment details, the service does have its risks. In 2015, digital security … Continued

How can I make Google searches more effective?

If you’re searching for an article, or investigating a topic, Google can be a great resource. However, a lot of people aren’t aware they can enhance their search results by accessing their search tools. By using these, you’ll be able to apply additional filters to your searches, ensuring only the most relevant links appear. Follow … Continued

How do I use enterprise social networks?

Facebook and Twitter may be the biggest social networks in terms of users, but they’re not often used by businesses for internal communications. Many companies prefer enterprise social networks which are more geared around workplace collaboration, are more secure and prove less of a distraction. For internal communication, two of the most popular enterprise social … Continued

What should you do if you become the target of an Internet troll?

Using the Internet to communicate presents all sorts of exciting possibilities. Social media, blogging, posting on message boards and online forums are all great ways to express your thoughts and interact with like-minded people.   However, as in life, not everybody you come across online is going to be friendly. A small minority of internet … Continued

Tips on how to build a smart home

Smart homes, also known as connected homes, are growing in popularity. But if you’re thinking about making yours smart, it can be pretty daunting knowing where to begin. But we’re here to give you an introduction to some of types of devices that are available to smarten up your home.   Smart hubs Perhaps the … Continued

Are my software applications making my computer vulnerable to cyber-attack?

A recent infographic from Heimdal Security counted down eight software applications with the most vulnerabilities to cyber-attacks. In order, they were Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Adobe Flash Player, Oracle Java Runtime environment, Adobe Air, Apple TV, Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat – all of which are commonly used by millions of people around the world. … Continued

Do I need to change my Wi-Fi password?

Wireless routers allow their owners (called administrators) to manage the Wi-Fi network through special login details. Anyone who knows the username and password can log into the router, which immediately grants complete access to the device’s features, as well as information about any devices connected. Manufacturers often set up new routers with the same default … Continued

How to manage your old posts on social media

Social media brings many benefits, allowing us to share stories and photos and connect with relatives and friends. However, unless you enable your privacy settings, your information will be publicly viewable. Whether you’re applying for jobs, academic positions, or even making a new friend who you were previously unsure about, one Facebook status or tweet … Continued

How to be safe and secure on an internet messageboard

Using an internet messageboard can be a great way to engage with people who share your interests, allowing you to become a member of a vibrant online community. However, it’s important to keep online security in mind when signing up to an internet forum. In November 2015 messageboard software provider, vBulletin, announced that it had … Continued