What is two-factor authentication, or 2FA, and how does it work?

Two-factor authentication, also known as 2FA, is an additional piece of information that is used to log into a service. Normally people just input a username and password. But if the password is easy to guess, or has been stolen, the entire account could be compromised. Two-factor authentication is increasingly popular as it helps add … Continued

What is malvertising, and how can I protect myself?

Malvertising is the combination of the words ‘malware’ (itself a blend of malicious and software) and ‘advertising’. It is a very sneaky attack whereby criminals have taken control of the adverts that you see when you browse online. The danger comes as most websites allow others to run their advertising for them, and if a … Continued

What is encryption?

Encryption has become an essential part of our online lives and you probably use it every day without knowing it. At the most basic level, encryption protects the text and data you send and receive online so it is protected. The idea is that no one can read your usernames, passwords, credit card details or … Continued

How my trip to the U.K. left me with a chip on my shoulder!

Are we really heading back to traveler’s checks or cash? Americans traveling to Europe are experiencing trouble with their magnetic swipe credit and debit cards when traveling abroad. New kiosks in London and Paris for bicycles and parking do not accept our American cards. Rural stores with few tourists are unaccustomed to the old swipe … Continued

What is a DRM and how does it work on mobile device?

DRM stands for “Digital Rights Management.” It is the technology that controls your access to copyrighted works such as movies, music, literature and software. The product files are encrypted so that you can only use them on authorized devices. For example, if you have downloaded music onto your PC, and want to access it with … Continued

What is pharming and how should I protect myself?

Pharming is a Web attack where criminals are interested in obtaining your username and password from an e-commerce site or bank. Pharming can occur when you click a valid and correct link to a Web site or even when you have typed the URL of the Web site yourself. In a pharming attack, the criminal … Continued

What is Chip and PIN?

Chip-and-PIN refers to the use of a chip-based bankcards and a mandatory PIN entry for credit and debit card payments. The term was was coined in the United Kingdom and is the government-backed initiative to implement the EMV standard for secure payments in the UK. Though people commonly call it chip-and-PIN, the technical term is … Continued

How is a micro-SIM different from the SIM I have in my mobile phone now?

Like a regular SIM, the micro-SIM holds your subscriber information for the carrier and is great for storing phone book contacts and other personal information. Micro-SIMs are user-replaceable and slide into a little slot in your device just like regular SIMs. The micro-SIM is a smaller version of a SIM card found in your mobile … Continued

Is a micro-SIM the same thing as a micro-SD card?

No, a micro-SD card is a different product serving a different purpose. SD cards can’t do what SIM cards do, which is identify you to the network. The purpose of SD cards is tostore information, an SD card can hold gigabytes of multi-media files (pictures, music, videos, etc). The micro-SIM’s primary function is to identify … Continued