What is an embedded SIM?

We’ve been using SIM cards for decades, and they’ve been getting smaller and smaller as technology has advanced. Now, they’re about to go through another radical change. The embedded SIM, also called eSIM is a reprogrammable chip that comes in different shapes and sizes. It can even be removable and soldered into the device. It … Continued

How is tech being used in sport?

There’s an emerging new superstar in sport, and its name is Technology. Thanks to forward-thinking policy-making, we’re seeing more and more sports turn to tech to enhance matches, protect players and eliminate refereeing errors. If you’re wondering which innovations are proving the most popular, read on for a handy guide. Hawk-Eye Cricket, tennis and football … Continued

What is an IP address?

If you’re a regular Internet user, you’ve probably heard of an IP address. So, what does it mean? What actually is it? An IP address is essentially a way of identifying a device participating in a computer network. Just as a home address would be used to send mail, the IP address allows data to … Continued

How do I choose the best browser for me?

You’ve just got started on your laptop, PC, or tablet and you want to choose a browser to surf the net. However, with so much choice, how on earth do you know which one to opt for? With Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera all out there, it might seem difficult to make the right decision. … Continued

What is Google Now?

Google Now is Google’s answer to Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana. It’s an intelligent personal assistant, which is equipped with Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Text to Speech (TTS), enabling the user to instruct it with their voice. You can use Google Now by downloading it from your App Store. It comes with a range … Continued

What is a Secure Element?

Body copy A Secure Element (SE) is a microprocessor chip which can store sensitive data and run secure apps such as payment. It acts as a vault, protecting what’s inside the SE (applications and data) from malware attacks that are typical in the host (i.e. the device operating system). Secure Elements handle all sorts of … Continued

How do smart meters work?

We’re used to the gas or electricity man knocking on the door and checking the meter, but a new technology is revolutionizing the way we engage with energy companies. They’re called smart meters. Wondering whether to upgrade to a smart meter, but not sure what exactly they do? Read on for a quick guide to … Continued

What is two-factor authentication, or 2FA, and how does it work?

Two-factor authentication, also known as 2FA, is an additional piece of information that is used to log into a service. Normally people just input a username and password. But if the password is easy to guess, or has been stolen, the entire account could be compromised. Two-factor authentication is increasingly popular as it helps add … Continued

What is malvertising, and how can I protect myself?

Malvertising is the combination of the words ‘malware’ (itself a blend of malicious and software) and ‘advertising’. It is a very sneaky attack whereby criminals have taken control of the adverts that you see when you browse online. The danger comes as most websites allow others to run their advertising for them, and if a … Continued

What is encryption?

Encryption has become an essential part of our online lives and you probably use it every day without knowing it. At the most basic level, encryption protects the text and data you send and receive online so it is protected. The idea is that no one can read your usernames, passwords, credit card details or … Continued