Which are the top social media sites?

According to comScore, an Internet audience measurement service, in May 2009, 65 percent of worldwide Internet users age 15 and older visited at least one social networking site during the month, representing 734.2 million people.

People in Russia spend the most time online at social media sites, 6.6 hours on average per visitor per month, viewing 1,307 pages. The most popular sites for Russians are with 14.3 million visitors, (7.8 million visitors) and - My World (6.3 million visitors).

Brazil ranked close behind Russia at 6.3 hours, followed by Canada (5.6 hours), Puerto Rico (5.3 hours) and Spain (5.3 hours). In the same month, nine out of ten 25-34 year old UK internet users visited a social networking site in May 2009, the most popular being Facebook, followed by Bebo.

In fact, according to comScore, Facebook is not only the world's most popular social media site, it is now the fourth largest site in the world based on the number of unique visitors worldwide, trailing only Google, Microsoft and Yahoo. Worldwide there are hundreds of social media sites in dozens of countries and thematic categories.

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