Does the SSL protocol offer adequate security?

SSL does not offer a full guarantee against hacking. All on-line banking sites are SSL protected. Although SSL is highly secure, it does not protect against fraudulent access using login data (user name and password).

To protect yourself, choose a strong password. Passwords should never be family names or numbers that are easily found out like a birthday, address or phone. They should also not be words, which are vulnerable to what's called a "dictionary" attack. Use a mix of at least eight letters and numbers, changing cases and using symbols ($!* etc.) if allowed. And don't write them down or store them on your PC! Also always be sure to use the latest anti-virus and anti-spyware software.. It is more secure to use a stronger form of authentication, such as a USB token or a smart card for two-factor authentication. With these, it is essential that one uses recent versions of browser software, as these can handle this level of encryption.

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