Are there organizations to help children cope with cyber bullying?

There are initiatives happening now throughout Europe designed to help and support victims of bullying and their families.  

In Spain, an organization called PROTEGELES has a help line where victims and their families receive individual counseling from professionals and are advised on how to proceed with their situation.  PROTEGELES will also be a moderator between families and schools and advise when it’s necessary to move to stronger measures, such as alerting the police.  More information is on the Web site  

In the UK, the registered charity Bullying Online offers help and advice to victims of bullying, their parents and schools.  Some other helpful Web sites in the UK include,, and  

In Scotland, there is an Anti-Bullying Network, established at the University of Edinburgh in 1999, that allows teachers, parents and young people to share ideas about how bullying should be tackled.
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