Who is involved in delivering content to my mobile phone?

The following parties are involved in delivering and, in case of premium contents, billing content to your mobile phone:

- Mobile Network Operator. As mobile phone user with a prepaid or normal subscription, you are in the first instance a customer of your mobile network operator (mobile operator or operator for short);

- Mobile Content Provider. If you are purchasing mobile content, for instance ringtones or wallpapers, you build a purchasing relationship with this mobile content provider, who might act as a supplier to your mobile operator, or retail on an independent basis;

- Technical Service Provider. They enable the Mobile Content Provider to exchange SMS or MMS messages with you; and, for premium content, to bill the related cost to your mobile phone subscription. They are a technical intermediary between the mobile content provider and the mobile operator, acting on request of a content provider and with accreditation of the mobile network operator for recording the transactions and clearing the funds.

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