Are there solutions available to store my passwords and personal details to protect myself from hackers and identity theft?

To make the hackers' lives more difficult, you can use a larger number of passwords. The people seeking to steal your identity and access your personal data will have to break the code each time. But this raises the question of how to store these passwords. Although the safest way is to learn them by heart, it can be tricky to remember them all. Using the memory functions that sites offer is not a good solution.

The best way is to download software that allows you to store and file your passwords. There are several software options available on the market, you just need to choose the one that suits you best. They guarantee the security of your data using powerful algorithms that are too difficult for hackers to untangle, so they will look for easier pickings elsewhere. However, they also use just one master password to protect all your other passwords. It is therefore essential to use a complex combination of characters. It is worth noting that some of this applications are suitable for use with PDAs.

Lastly, it is also possible to store passwords on a secure token system that you can carry with you and which will help ensure the security of your data on the move. For more information, you can visit ENISA, The European Network and Information Security Agency.

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