Travelers beware: how mobile and WiFi can be your best friend or your worst enemy

Vacation used to be a way to unplug from the world. Now, it’s an extension of work just in a nicer locale. We’ve all been there, convincing ourselves we’ve escaped the digital ball and chain while sipping margaritas on the beach, only to catch ourselves glimpsing at our email inbox. Our digital lives have taken over and while some may be successful in fully detaching, technology is bleeding into our coveted vacation time.

How Can I Ensure My Social Network Interactions are Secure on Wireless?

Privacy on social networks seems a little oxymoronic to me. We tell the world about our lives, but we don’t want everyone to knoweverything. I know many people who only want some people to share in their experiences, but those same people often friend people they don’t know. See what I mean? Anyway, it is still a good idea to lock down all your privacy settings and avoid friending people you don’t really know

3 Wi-Fi Myths That Put Your Data at Risk

The holidays are over, the Consumer Electronics Show has passed, and now you have all these new shiny wireless gadgets you’re just itching to play with. Now, before you go and connect to the internet, please understand that it’s all fun and games until someone gets hacked. And many times, this means when you are using wireless. But it’s often the security lies that can get us in the most trouble, and today I’m exposing them. Hiding your SSID is bunk.

The top 10 ways to be a better cyber citizen

Are You A Good Cyber Citizen?
This question is particularly timely in October as we promote National Cyber Security Month, an annual, nation-wide event that aims to raise awareness about cyber security. This year’s theme, “Our Shared Responsibility,” emphasizes the role each of us plays in securing our part of cyberspace, including the devices we own and networks we use. This mission is central to the JustAskGemalto community, a service we launched in 2009 to help consumers learn how to take control of their own digital security.



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