At Last Twitter Beefs Up Security With Two-Factor Verification

Starting today, though, Twitter users will have an added security feature intended to help prevent those types of hacks. The social network has rolled out a log in, or two-step, verification process, which requires users to confirm their identity with two pieces of log in information.

Twitter's weird, bold plan to become an online shopping mall

Twitter, in its seemingly endless quest to effectively monetize itself, is looking across the internet to Amazon for a little inspiration. The social-messaging network now wants to become something of an e-tailer, and is partnering with American Express to let consumers purchase products by — you guessed it — tweeting.

COMMENTARY: How Social Media Will Make You Fall in Love with Brands

While many of us would claim to "love" our iPhones or "love" flying Virgin America, for the most part, we don't really have a deep connection with these brands. We appreciate their services and buy their products – maybe even bringing them into our bed at night – but we don't look to brands for comfort or emotional support. And while brands might remember our birthday with an email, or answer the phone when we call, they don't look out for us like we expect our friends to do.

Metade das crianças ficaria triste sem internet, diz estudo britânico

Estudo britânico revela que 49% das crianças de até 12 anos ficariam tristes sem internet, enquanto 20% se sentiriam sozinhas. A segurança digital está presente: a partir dos oito anos, as crianças já se conscientizam a fazer backups em discos rígidos e adolescentes fazem cópias de arquivos na nuvem.


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