Is contactless payment technology the same as RFID technology?

Contactless payment technology and RFID technology are both technologies that use radio frequency to relay information, but the similarities end there. Contactless payments are very secure, while RFID is not.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology or RFID tags are often used in manufacturing, shipping and to track objects. RFID tags can be read over a long range (up to 25 feet). Because they are used for tracking purposes, they are inexpensive low-end chips that do not have a lot of security features built in.


RFID: What Will NFC Replace?

There has been a lot of speculation about whether RFID will some day replace bar codes. That's a bit like asking whether the invention of the airplane will some day replace the automobile (well, maybe we will have flying cars some day...but not in the foreseeable future).
But near field communications (NFC) probably will replace some things we take for granted today. So what are those things?

A tecnologia de pagamento sem contato é o mesmo que tecnologia RFID?

A tecnologia de pagamento sem contato não é a mesma que RFID (Identificação por Frequência de Rádio). A tecnologia RFID é usada para rastrear objetos, como estoques ou mercadorias despachadas. A RFID pode ser lida em longa distância e não é muito segura ou privada. Os cartões de pagamento sem contato por outro lado contêm um pequeno chip que é um computador com fortes capacidades de segurança.

Qu’est-ce que le passeport biométrique ?

Généralisé à l’ensemble de l’administration pendant l’année 2009, le passeport biométrique contient une puce numérique qui garde en mémoire votre photo d’identité numérisée, les empreintes digitalisées de deux de vos doigts ainsi que toutes les données d’état civil inscrites sur la première page du passeport papier. Ce procédé rend ce document plus fiable, moins falsifiable. Aussi, l’administration américaine l’exige-t-elle pour toute entrée sans visa sur son territoire. La lutte contre le terrorisme est à ce prix.

Subscrever RFID