Are there countries where I’ll have trouble using my credit or debit card?

While most of the world (80 countries) has implemented EMV chip payment cards, the U.S. has only just started migrating to the technology and is still using magnetic stripe payment cards. Therefore, you may have trouble using your magnetic stripe card in countries that use EMV chip cards and payment terminals. The most common places you will have difficulty paying are at unattended payment terminals such as ticketing kiosks in train stations, parking garages, highway tolls, parking meters and the like – these terminals will simply only take EMV chip cards.


What is Chip and PIN?

Chip-and-PIN refers to the use of a chip-based bankcards and a mandatory PIN entry for credit and debit card payments. The term was was coined in the United Kingdom and is the government-backed initiative to implement the EMV standard for secure payments in the UK. Though people commonly call it chip-and-PIN, the technical term is EMV. It's a global technology specification for payment adopted by MasterCard, Visa, JCB and American Express. It ensures that chip cards work with point-of-sale terminals and ATMs from country to country, to authenticate credit and debit card transactions.


American Express Charges For $60 With new EMV Technology

American Express has unveiled plans to issue Europay MasterCard Visa (EMV) compliant cards across the U.S. this year. The company plans to set up processors to facilitate transactions through chip-based technology across diverse payments methods including PIN, signature, contactless and mobile transactions.

O seu banco usa autenticação de dois fatores?

A forma mais segura de serviços bancários on-line é com algum tipo de dispositivo digital de segurança pessoal para provar que realmente é você que está fazendo o débito. Isso pode ser feito ao inserir o seu cartão bancário EMV com chip em uma pequena leitora USB quando estiver fazendo pagamentos on-line. Seu banco verifica que o cartão está presente e é autêntico, e que você digitou seu código PIN. Somente então ele aprovará o acesso ou transação.
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