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Anywhere you look these days, it seems you can find a news story in which some poor IT guy explains how his company’s systems were hacked and its data stolen. These cyber crimes run the spectrum from teenage kids trying to recreate a scene from the movie “War Games”, to something more sinister, like the hacker group Anonymous trying to bring down the U.S. economy. Computerworld covers these stories often, as it did recently in the article, “Leaked Apple UDIDs were stolen from digital publishing firm.”

10 Security Trends To Watch In 2012

As 2012 gets underway, what can businesses expect on the information security front?
If 2011 was any indication, this year will be anything but quiet. Last year featured seemingly nonstop waves of hacking, malware, and spear-phishing attacks that succeeded in exploiting well-known businesses, including RSA and Sony. All told, businesses' collective data breaches exposed millions of records.

Expect 2012 to offer more of the same and then some. In particular, keep an eye on these 10 top information security trends:...
Subscrever hacking